What’s the difference?
A commonly asked question when students and parents decide which Martial Arts school to join is, “What’s the difference between Taekwondo and Karate and all other martial arts types?” Simply answered, Taekwondo originated from Korea, Karate from Japan, and Kung Fu from China. Stylistically, Taekwondo is known for high flying and acrobatic style kicks while […] Read More »
North Shore Taekwondo wins the BC Master’s Cup….again!
Every year, the Taekwondo Federation of British Columbia hosts an annual tournament in the fall titled, the BC Master’s Cup. Taekwondo schools from all over B.C. gather under one roof to test their skills in patterns and sparring in the hopes of winning a medal. Under the leadership of Master Milad, Instructor Calder, and Instructor […] Read More »
Welcome Edina!
The staff of North Shore Taekwondo would like to welcome our new Admissions Director assistant Edina Hot. Edina will be here to help students and parents in the mornings during the week as well as Saturdays. At anytime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact either Lindsay or Edina at info@northshoretaekwondo.com. And yes, […] Read More »
Friday Night Boot Camp!
beginning November 8th on Friday nights we will be starting a new exciting class for Adults from 8-9pm. No belts, no uniforms, just come out and get ready to sweat and train in Martial Arts fitness, cardio kickboxing drills, circuit training, boxing, and MMA skills. The cost for this program is $10 per drop in but our […] Read More »
Promotion Test
The next scheduled promotion test is set for Sat. Dec. 7th at Holy Trinity Elementary School (128 West 27th St) which is located just 2 blocks down from our club. Students eligible to test will be contacted directly by one of the instructors. Test times will be made available soon. Please note: the overnight Black Belt […] Read More »
2013 B.C. Master’s Cup Tournament
We won! That’s 5 years in a row for North Shore Taekwondo! This is the first time any club in B.C. has achieved this so on behalf of all the staff and instructors of North Shore Taekwondo, we would like to thank all the competitors for doing such an excellent job representing our club and for all […] Read More »