Our Attitudes are Amazing…
Having spent the past 4 days in Las Vegas for the International U.S. Open, I once again had the opportunity to meet some excellent coaches and inspirational Master Instructors. Networking, sharing ideas, encouraging one another, and simply developing stronger relationships are always a fun and very rewarding time for me. However, what sticks out most […] Read More »
Why I love the Olympic Games
Despite the many political controversies surrounding most Olympic Games especially the current Sochi Games, we are still drawn to our TV sets every 4 years. To watch athletes put everything on the line after years of dedication and training to capture a single moment of achievement and excellence is very inspiring and hopeful. These achievements […] Read More »
Night Watch
The scheduled Night Watch is Saturday, Feb. 22nd. The cost for Night Watch is $25 per child. Students must fill out a Night Watch sign up form and hand it in together with payment to the office. As always, the night watch is scheduled from 5pm-9pm with Master Milad. Read More »