Summer Camps!
Last year, North Shore Taekwondo Summer Camps were also voted as a finalist for Favourite Summer Camps by the Reader’s Choice Awards. Parents! If you are looking for a day camp from 9am – 3:15 each day with a combination of valuable life skills learning and fun activities, look no further! Summer Camp Applications are […] Read More »
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
We are an official Gracie Barra jiu-jitsu location here at North Shore Taekwondo. Our BJJ program for Teens and Adults is growing and we encourage anyone interested to come and try their first class for free. Classes are held Tues/Thurs evenings. It’s a wonderful way to get in shape, learn self defense, and have fun! Read More »
Promotion Test
The next scheduled Promotion Test is set for Sat, August 15th. All eligible color belt students testing will be notified directly by one of the instructors. Official test times will be made available next month Read More »
Fitness Week
the sun is shining and this is usually the time of year when everyone is thinking about getting into shape! During the week of July 20th – 25th, we will be focusing on Martial Arts fitness drills in class to help all students reach a higher level of strength and cardiovascular endurance. Adults will be given […] Read More »