September Tuition Increase
As mentioned in last month’s announcements, please be advised that beginning September 2016, all monthly tuition fees will see a slight increase of 5% due to our ongoing increases in operating expenses. Tigers intro programs will increase from $95 to $99. Students paying the regular $185 per month will be increased to $195 monthly. All […] Read More »
Night Watch: June 25, 2016
The next scheduled Nightwatch is set for Saturday, June 25th from 5:00pm – 9:00pm. Join us for a fun night of pizza, games, and a movie. Sign up is at the front desk and as always, the cost is $25 per child. Students must sign up for this event in advance at the front desk. Read More »
Summer Camps!
Parents! If you are looking for a day camp from 9am – 3:15 each day with a combination of valuable life skills learning and fun activities, look no further! Summer Camp Applications are now available at the front desk or you can register on our website:   This year we will be hosting 5 […] Read More »
Promotion Test – Sat. June 4th
The next scheduled Promotion Test is set for Sat, June 4th. All eligible color belt students testing will do so at Holy Trinity Elementary School. All Black Belt candidates will be testing at North Shore Taekwondo beginning 9pm. Please note the following test times: Tigers & Dragons: 1:30 – 2:30pm Youth All: 2:30 – 4:00pm […] Read More »
Father’s Day Promo
Last month we honoured our mothers and this month, we would like to do the same for our fathers! June 19th is Father’s Day and we hope that all fathers have a special day of rest and celebration as well. North Shore Taekwondo would like to offer those fathers of our Academy that have never […] Read More »
Kid Kick Newsletter: Effort
This month we are learning about Effort. “Are you trying your hardest?” It may seem like you hear this question a lot, especially from certain people. Your coaches, teachers, instructors and parents want to know whether you are trying your hardest to accomplish the tasks in front of you. They want to measure your effort. […] Read More »