Special Poomse Seminar
If you are Black Stripe belt and above, there will be a wonderful opportunity for our advanced students to practice Patterns in more detail. The event will be held on Friday, Nov. 11th (Remembrance Day) at SC Kim’s Taekwondo Club in Burnaby (4603 Kingsway). 9:00am—12:30pm is the morning session which will focus on Taegeuk Poomse […] Read More »
Year End Promotion Test
The next colour belt promotion test is set for Saturday, November 27th at Holy Trinity Elementary School (located just 2 blocks down from our Academy). If you are qualified to test, one of the instructors will notify you directly. Later that evening, all Black Belt candidates will be testing at North Shore Taekwondo. All Black […] Read More »
Kid Kick Newsletter: Thankfulness
This month we will discuss thankfulness. The holiday season is a time where people tend to express gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation more than normal. It is important that we teach our children being thankful is a part of daily life. Please pick up a “Thankfulness” handout available at the front desk or download the Kid Kick Newsletter here. Read More »