Online Training
We would like to remind all of our students that you can train online by visiting our website and clicking on the “Members Sign In” tab. User name is the color of your belt. For example, Yellow Stripe Belts user name is “yellow stripe” and Red Belts user name is simply “red”. The password is the […] Read More »
Adult Promo!
Ok, parents, now’s your chance! You’ve seen your child training in our classes for quite some time and know they love it. If you have a child in one of our programs and you have never tried it yourself, now’s your chance! $99 gets you started! Uniform, membership and your 1st month of training. Simply […] Read More »
Kid Kick Newsletter: Generosity
This month we are learning about Generosity. Generosity is the act of giving, serving or helping others. Being generous helps us feel good about ourselves by  helping make the lives of other people easier. During our classes, we are reinforcing this lesson by reminding our students to be generous in their behavior toward one another. […] Read More »