Father’s Day Promo
Last month we honoured our mothers and this month, we would like to do the same for our fathers! June 15th is Father’s Day and we hope that all fathers have a special day of rest and celebration as well. North Shore Taekwondo would like to offer those fathers of our Academy that have never trained before […] Read More »
My Staff is the Best!
One of the biggest rewards of being a martial arts teacher is motivating and positively influencing people. When a once shy child attributes Taekwondo training to helping them gain confidence, it gives me a lot of satisfaction in knowing that my work helped him.   As a business owner, one of the biggest compliments I […] Read More »
The 4 steps to Excellence
I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by many special people in my life including (and of course not limited to) my father, my mother, Grandmaster Lee, Master Choi, Grandmaster Chung, Master Chang, Pastor Yong Kim, high school coaches, business advisors, friends, and many other leaders from various fields. Their mentorship, along with my experiences […] Read More »
The Art of Learning
This month, the instructors will be discussing the importance of learning and how sometimes learning requires a lot of patience, mistakes, practice, and courage. Anyone who knows me well is aware that I love coffee and to me, enjoying coffee is a certain “artform” in itself. First, coffee is best served HOT and in a […] Read More »