*UPDATED* COVID 19 Training Policies

Staff, Students, and Parents

Class Sizes

Are reduced to a minimum of 6FT (2M) between each student on the training floor.

Maximum 14

Ready to Train

Students will be asked to come dressed in uniform and own water bottle

Compliance Form

Students will be asked to sign a health declaration and policy compliance form.

Touchless Training

No physical contact in class. No high fives between students nor staff, bowing only.



Face masks are optional during training. Students may bring their own or purchase one.

Foot Protection

Students are encourage to wear socks or Taekwondo shoes while training.

No Viewing Area

Pick up and Drop Off Only.

Attendance Checks

Staff will mark attendance for students.

Increased time in between classes

Class time will be 45min with a 15min break in between classes to limit student flow and congestion.

Restricted Bathroom

Students are encouraged to avoid using the bathroom unless it is absolutely necessary.

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