Freeze of Membership Policy

Members of North Shore Taekwondo may request a “hold of membership” or “freeze of membership” by submitting a written notice in person or email to The following conditions apply:

1) the student must indicate clearly the dates for holding membership upon which the student’s account will automatically billed upon return.
1) the student will not be charged for the month of inactivity as long as advanced written notice was received.
2) students requesting to put their membership on hold must also advise of the return date at which point the students account will be automatically billed.
2) hold of membership cannot be less than 1 month nor exceed 2 months unless a medical note is provided.
3) the student is NOT guaranteed to have his/her spot in class reserved as most classes have wait lists. Every possible effort will be given to ensure that a spot is available upon the return of the student.


Termination of Membership Policy

All Members of North Shore Taekwondo enter into an agreement with the Academy that the school provides competent instructors and suitable facilities for teaching lessons.

All enrollments at North Shore Taekwondo are based on “On-Going Memberships” or “Terms”. Students of North Shore Taekwondo that enter into a Monthly On-Going Membership may cancel at any time with a 30 day advanced written notice handed in personally to the front desk or emailed to This policy is clearly indicated on the student enrollment form that is signed before the commencement of classes at our Academy.

In the case where students pay for a Term membership (exceeding 30 days of training, ie., 6 month term, 1 year term or 3 year term), students understand and comply with the rules and regulations of the school and the traditions of the martial arts. Students understand that failure to complete the lessons does NOT entitle them to a refund in tuition in part or full. This policy is also clearly indicated on the student enrolment form that is signed before the commencement of classes at our Academy.


Student Satisfaction Policy

North Shore Taekwondo is committed to providing our students with Legendary student service. If we have made an error or you are not happy with our service, let us know. Contact us as soon as you notice an error or have a concern and we will do our best to address and correct it. For more information, please e-mail us at


North Shore Taekwondo is a proud member of Taekwondo B.C. and Taekwondo Canada. For a more detailed synopsis of our PSO and NSO policies and procedures, please click here: