Taekwondo Plus (Special Needs)

North Shore Taekwondo is best known for our WONDERFUL staff of instructors! Since 2011, North Shore Taekwondo has been teaching individuals with various special needs and challenges. Our special needs martial arts program has been recommended by professionals and organizations as a therapeutic tool for individuals with developmental and neurological challenges. Our staff of instructors have the patience, passion, and experience needed to help students with these kinds of challenges succeed! Our Taekwondo Plus program has an instructor to student ration of 2:1 (1 certified instructor to 2 students). Space is limited for this program, call today!
*Students with Autism
*Students with Aspergers
*Students with Cerebral Palsy
*Students with Learning Disabilities


*Physical Fitness
*Group Involvement and Socialization
*Improved physical fitness
*Physical strength and improved motor skills